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Are all SSL Certificates equal?

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What's the point of the CA?

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How can end-users detect malicious attempts at SSL spoofing when the network already has an authorized SSL proxy?

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Explain SSL advantages for e-commerce to layperson?

I need to explain why having a SSL certificate is a good investment for an e-commerce. How do I do this when the other person is a intelligent business owner but not that tech smart?
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Is a company website secure against sslstrip if it doesn't use ssl on homepage but ssl everywhere else?

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how do extended validation X.509 certs work? uses an extended validation cert.'s entry on extended validation certs says that a cert is known to be an extended validation cert if the OID in the ...
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If You Use Secure Sites with Extended Validation Certificates How Much Do You Still Have To Worry About Phishing Sites Impersonating Them?

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