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Why do password requirements exist while limiting the upper character count? [duplicate]

I do not quite understand why it is common practice to require a difficult to remember password with alphanumeric and special character requirements, while also having an upper limit of 32 characters. ...
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Why is there a Cap on Password length? [duplicate]

Why when we sign up on sites like Facebook and Gmail do our passwords have to be 8-12 characters in length, or some other cap? 8-12 spaces are finite, but you can make your passwords more "secure" by ...
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Websites Forcing Weak Password Standards (Updated) [duplicate]

Please Note: I am not going to name the websites which have these horrible standards for their clients and users. I have had to change my passwords for my routine update just recently in the last few ...
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Why do some sites enforce low-security passwords? [duplicate]

I get that what comprises a good password is a bit of a moving target and not everyone agrees - just run a password through a number of checkers to see how it is rated differently depending on the ...
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Are limited length passwords a security risk? [duplicate]

I found a webpage where users can be registered. However, it seems that the length of the password must be between 6 to 12 characters. Is that a security risk?
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Why do websites limit password length? [duplicate]

I just made a new account with some eGov service (Belgian government). I use LastPass (which generates long, random strings for each site), But the system told me that the maximum allowed length was ...
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Passwords: Symbols and length > 20 disallowed [duplicate]

I'm going through a bunch of accounts at the moment changing my passwords, some of them are looking a little weak and i've reused them, but i keep coming across websites that don't allow you to use ...
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Recommended length of password [duplicate]

Why are we recommended to have at least 8 characters, and not 6 or 7 etc.? and the different set of character?. I only know that the longer the password is, the harder it is for brute force attack to ...
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Reasons to limit password length [duplicate]

We are currently using a third party software for SSO Login in a hybrid landscape with SAP, ADFS, etc. The users have to change their password in the client software, which is then sent to a central ...
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What are the security implications of the password policy for this bank? [duplicate]

I am aware of a bank (redacted for obvious reasons) that has the following password policy. Only English alphanumeric characters Min of 8, max of 14 characters No special characters (ex. !@#$%^&* ...
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Are short password length requirements a security risk? [duplicate]

I visited a website that requires me to create a password. One of the password rules was "7 to 15 letters". Is this a security risk, since many people would now enter a weak password instead?...
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Is there a technical reason for a maximum password length rule (15 to 100 characters)? [duplicate]

I've seen on many sites in the registration page that the password should have also a maximum length (between 15 and 100 characters). Except for DDOS attacks, is there a reason for this rule, giving ...
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Does a small max password length indicate there might be a security issue? [duplicate]

Some websites state specific requirements for a password when you create an account. Some are understandable, but in particular the maximum password length doesn't make sense to me. Some websites ...
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Why are there password length limitations when the password is stored correctly? [duplicate]

I often (almost always) see that the password i choose in a service is limited (to 16, 30, whatever characters). Are there any reasons for such a limit, provided that it is stored correctly? In such ...
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How to securely hash passwords?

If I hash passwords before storing them in my database, is that sufficient to prevent them being recovered by anyone? I should point out that this relates only to retrieval directly from the database,...
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