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Questions tagged [dns-prefetch]

A feature in browsers, letting them fetch DNS records for reasources before you access them to improve performance. This can lead to data leaks.

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How does DNS prefetching endanger security/privacy?

I would like a comprehensive explanation of the security and privacy risks that come with DNS prefetching. There are already other posts about this topic, but I want current information and feedback ...
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Why are DNS prefetch requests sent in clear text with DNS over HTTPS enabled?

I am trying to understand how DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) works in both Chrome and Firefox browsers. To do so, I have enabled DoH on each browser and set the DNS provider to Cloudflare DNS servers ( ...
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Does Chrome respect the X-DNS-Prefetch-Control header?

If my web page returns X-DNS-Prefetch-Control=off, will Chrome do DNS prefetch for links like these?: <link rel="dns-prefetch" href=""> I know Firefox and Chromium ...
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What security implications does DNS prefetching have?

To improve performance, most browsers prefetch DNS records for linked resources in the background so that the browser already knows where to send the request the instant you click the link. This is ...
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