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JSONP is a method of loading JSON data into web application through a script tag. It is often vulnerable to XSS. Since the introduction of CORS, it has gone out of use.

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How to handle application/jsonp response

I am testing a Web Application and i have found a endpoint which is returning some data in json the endpoint is this. /api/vtexid/pub/authenticated/user Now i was testing to find out that if this ...
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How to make a HTTPrequest in JSONP callback?

I'm trying an XSS challenge. I found an exploit that breaks CSP by using a JSONP callback. I can get an alert to pop up by putting something like: <script src="https://whitelisted.jsonp?callback=...
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How to prevent JSONP injection?

Recently, I came across many web applications that are using callback parameters to retrieve JSON formatted data. This makes web application vulnerable to JSONP injection attacks. What is the ...
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Is it safe to call an untrusted service with jquery.ajax and dataType 'jsonp'

From what I understand, the JSON-P technique generates a script tag into the DOM of an HTML page to get across the single-origin restrictions imposed on the XMLHttpRequest JavaScript API for AJAX ...
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Security risks with JSONP?

What are the security risks with JSONP? Is using JSONP in a new web application reasonable, from a security perspective, or is it better to use a different method for cross-origin web mashups? If ...
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