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An officially-issued legal tender generally consisting of currency and coin.

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Can the IBAN of the initiator of a SEPA direct debit be faked? [closed]

I am living in Germany and when you get a phone call the phone number of the caller on the display can be faked. For example you can get a call from 110 (police phone number) but it's a scam. And that ...
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In the context of emails, what can be digitally signed and what should be digitally signed in the sub context of deal documents?

I was once a customer of a certain developer who sold a SaaS bookkeeping software which allowed sending deal documents (invoice, receipt, etc) to a customer, from the software's very own email server, ...
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Online transactions: which one is safer - credit card or netbanking? [closed]

There are various modes of online transaction, such as through entering credit card details, and through netbanking. Which one is safer? it seems there are some risks with credit card mode mode but is ...
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What can be done with Credit or debit card informations asked by websites?

Many websites ask for payment by entering information from Credit card such as VISA card/ Mastercard etc. Now, till date I knew that I should never tell anybody about these numbers. Then why these ...
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How can I get information about an attack to GoFundMe infosec? [closed]

I'm not sure I posted in the right place, but I posted a question about an apparent scam that hinges on GoFundMe's particular behavior at
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How can I make payments on the Internet without leaving a money trail?

For someone who values anonymity and privacy, what is the recommended way to pay on the Internet? Example: To buy a domain or a VPN or another service I know that we can use cryptocurrencies, but at ...
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Automatic Paypal payment through API

I am building a game similar to HQ trivia, that when someone gives all the correct answers at the end of the game he or she gets money sent to their Paypal account, my concern is obviously security. ...
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Can a website use my debit card details for further transaction? [closed]

I bought a bracelet from Buzz Bargain(Sorry for advertisement) and it deducts 2.99 from my account and then they send me an email saying that we will deduct 49.9 USD after a month for a subscription ...
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If someone transfers money from a bank account to a prepaid master card, can he trace the master card back

Lets say someone traces money from his bank account to a prepaid master card. Then he doesnt get what he wanted, can he somehow cause problems, trace the card back anyhow or do anything?
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Why bother with security measures when IBAN is all it takes to transfer money from my account?

I have just learned that in Germany you pay online by providing your IBAN. In other words, anyone to whom I have sent money and therefore has my IBAN can extract money from my account. Apparently, the ...
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Is it safe to share bank details?

Is it safe to share bank details in order to receive a payment from someone? If so, what details are safe to share and what should be kept secret? I notice that checks seem to have a lot my details ...
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Why aren't ransomware deployers arrested? [closed]

Why aren't people who use ransomware to extort money from people arrested? Using ransomware is illegal, presumably. The idea that Bitcoin is anonymous is a myth. Given this, it seems like they ...
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Linux distribution on USB stick used to banking for begginers [closed]

Is it good idea to use up-to-date Linux on USB stick instead liveCD to online banking? What is the best Linux distribution for not advanced people who commonly use Windows to make online payments ...
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What is the purpose of viagra spam? [closed]

We all have gotten them: The reflection of your size will stay forever in her eyes. Bigger pen!s gives you a bunch of benefits! I have girls that ring me for sex now, its amazing! Judging by ...
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Is it safe to give my PayPal email and Home Address to a stranger? [closed]

I am selling some fairly expensive furniture on CraigsList. A few hours after posting, I received an offer. They said to send them my PayPal email and the address so that movers could come pick it ...
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How would authentication when depositing, and withdrawing money from a fund, differ?

I have to do a presentation on developing an authentication plan for a financial services application used to manage an investment portfolio. I have to develop use scenarios for the 2 functions (...
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How does the authentication in the new UK £1 coin work?

The UK is getting a new £1 coin. Its designers, the Royal Mint, claim that unlike current coins, it includes built in technology for high speed authentication and verification everywhere from ATMs to ...
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