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The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is a method used to implement virtual private networks. The RFC can be found here: PPTP is (as of Oct 2012) considered cryptographically broken and its use is no longer recommended by Microsoft.

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What are the risks with PPTP (MS-CHAPV1/V2)?

What are the risks with PPTP (MS-CHAPV1/V2)? Are the only ways that it can be exploited are if someone already has access to the network and can ARP poison etc or capture packets some way? Or can it ...
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Is it safe to use HTTPS websites over an unknown PPTP VPN? [duplicate]

I want to create e.g a Gmail account while connected to an unknown PPTP VPN. Is it safe, or can the owner of the PPTP VPN see my Gmail web page information, such as username or password, at all? Can ...
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Could PPTP be considered a secure VPN type with idle timeout 0?

Ive got a Draytek router which im trying to setup as a VPN host. The options i have are : PPTP IPSEC LT2P with IPSEC policy SSL My VPN client only seems to supported PPTP and LT2P with IPSEC ...
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Should I tell my boss the company's VPN is not secure?

I work in a small company and we have recently invested in a new server that provides VPN services. I contacted the IT company in charge today in order to connect my laptop so I can work from home. I ...
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Is it possible to implement a downgrade attack on a PPTP VPN?

There are many materials about the Dictionary attack or bit-flipping attack to PPTP VPN. But is it possible to implement a downgrade attack to PPTP. This is a picture showing how to implement a ...
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How to secure clear text data that is transmitted through LAN / Wireless LAN connection and PPTP VPN without a domain name (IP address only)

We use Odoo ERP in our office and there is a statement in the documentation which says: Whether it's accessed via website/web client or the webservice, Odoo transmits authentication information ...
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Does any VPN protocol authenticate the server?

When you connect to a server using SSL/TLS the client authenticates the server using the certificate that the server provides. If certificates mismatch an error page is shown instead. So you know you ...
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Can I use a VPN to disguise internet traffic at work? [closed]

I have seen this question asked before; I want to know if I can use a VPN to disguise my internet traffic so my employer can't see what websites I'm visiting while at work. However, unlike most people,...
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Can a website detect which method you are using to connect (LL2P, SSTP and PPTP)

When you connect to a website using a VPN with the same IP however using a different type of connection each time (LL2P, SSTP and PPTP) can the website detect the difference between these connection. ...
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Does using NAT-T for L2TP / IPsec VPN pose a realistic security risk?

I'm working on upgrading an old Windows RAS server that hosts PPTP VPN. I want to move to a L2TP/IPsec VPN. Due to the firewall appliance we use, the VPN server has to be behind a NAT. This means ...
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Skype Audio / Video Session over VPN?

Basically I'm wondering if a Skype video session along with audio could be logged (or recorded) over a virtual private network? I know whoever hosts the VPN server can log which websites you visit (or ...
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Is PPTP VPN ever secure? Under DD-WRT? [duplicate]

PPTP is not an open, ratified standard the way that, for example, SSL/TLS is. (see: and ) The ...
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PPTP and Split Routing

If I uncheck the "use default gateway on remote network" to be able to browse local shares and the internet at the same time, does that void encryption?
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Are there any known vulnerabilities in PPTP VPNs when configured properly?

PPTP is the only VPN protocol supported by some devices (for example, the Asus RT-AC66U WiFi router). If PPTP is configured to only use the most secure options, does its use present any security ...
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How can I tell if a PPTP tunnel is secure?

PPTP has been demonstrated to be broken in many ways, and most installations are insecure. But it is also theoretically not broken if configured correctly. As an end-user, is there a simple way for ...
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