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Questions tagged [solaris]

A Unix operating system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.

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Is it possible to create a pem file server certificate from the result of openssl s_client -showcerts?

I know it is possible to list server certificates from a client via openssl s_client -showcerts. So, my question is, is it possible to create a valid ssl server certificate from this without needing ...
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solaris equivalent of /proc/self/environ LFI

I need to exploit a Solaris vulnerability for class, but we never dealt with Solaris before and I never installed it. Does Solaris have an equivalent to Linux's /proc/self/environ, exposing a ...
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How to exploit a local file inclusion vulnerability in a Solaris server [closed]

I am trying to exploit a local file inclusion vulnerability on a Solaris server for my security course. The server is running Apache2 through CoolStack. What is the file that I need to open? The ...
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Why does the OpenSSH client on Mac OS X silently launch an ssh-agent for the user?

I'm confused by the difference in behavior of ssh clients I'm seeing on two different hosts. Just to be clear, this is the scenario: "macbox" OS X using OpenSSH_5.2p1 ssh client "sunbox" Solaris 10 ...
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Is there repetition in the Solaris 11 hash routine? Can I add some?

Solaris 11 now uses SHA-256, so we can have longer than 8 character passwords now, by default. That is nice. I'll just make it clear that this password is never used as a line of defence. Only a ...
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