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Why should I have my GPG key expire? [duplicate]

When creating a key pair using gpg it asks me for an expiration date: $ gpg --gen-key Please specify how long the key should be valid. 0 = key does not expire <n> = key expires ...
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Can I expose a passphrase-protected private OpenPGP key? [duplicate]

I have created a 4096-bit key-pair using GnuPG. Can I expose the passphrase-protected private key to an untrusted system? E.g. can I put that key in my Dropbox account or send it to myself as an ...
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Why am I asked personal information when creating an OpenPGP key?

Today I learned about the basics of OpenPGP and tried to create my first OpenPGP key. However, I found a couple of options suspicious - in the GUI version of the program I downloaded there are fields ...
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Help me understand the relationship between GPG public keys, sub-keys and expiration dates

Following best practices I'm now at the point where I have a non-expiring secret key stored in a save location and a set of sub-keys with an expiration date stored together with the public key on my ...
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how to update GPG private key that Pass uses

I've setup up Pass with a GPG key. That key expires at some point in the future. In preparation for this event, how would I update Pass to use a new Key? Do I just manually update the key id and ...
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Using 1-day expiration GPG keys only... any disadvantages?

From the thread Does OpenPGP key expiration add to security? , we know that the faster the keys expire, the greater our security. The minimum expiration for a GPG key seems to be 1 day. Thus, isn't it ...
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Is an OpenPGP signature made before a key is revoked considered valid?

If a signature was made before the key was revoked will it still be considered as valid after revocation? Assuming that the key was revoked as superseded, the answer is obvious if the key was ...
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What is the best way to organize OpenPGP keys?

I've always used OpenPGP as a single private/public pair of keys for (S)igning and (E)ncryption. But learning about OpenPGP subkeys, it's recommended to use separate keys for (C)ertification, (S)...
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Use one subkey for signing + encrypting

I'm phasing out my old OpenPGP key and am creating a new one. I plan to lock away the main key and do daily work only with subkeys. The subkeys will be valid for a year and I'll add new ones after ...
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Are expired keys eligible default keys?

From GnuPG's man page: [...] the default key is the first key found in the secret keyring. Are expired keys eligible default keys? Or should I manually set the default key in gpg.conf? I'm asking ...
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