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Can using "Save Image As" on Google Images be dangerous? [duplicate]

The title says it all, I was wondering if some malicious code could be placed in the image file (the formats I am concerned with are JPEG, PNG and WEBP, basically the common formats available when you ...
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How well can we hide an executable (apk/ipa) in an image [duplicate]

Guys the basic idea behind this question is to gather your thoughts on the below scenario: I was listening to a news program and one of the cyber security researchers, actually a very senior guy, was ...
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Execute Shellcode embedded into a picture? [duplicate]

Somebody told me it is possible to insert shellcode into an image or pdf file and execute the shellcode if the image or pdf file was opened. I know that this could be possible if the application (for ...
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Is ist possible to emed a backdoor in a picture? [duplicate]

Is it possible to infect a picture with a backdoor? And what can I google for that?
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How Can Malware be Attached to an Image File? [duplicate]

How can malware be attached in image files such as a JPEG image?
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How to tell if an image has a virus? [duplicate]

I received (and opened) an image from Whatsapp. How can I know if this image contains a virus (spyware)? Is it possible to send photos containing virus using Whatsapp Mod (unofficial versions of ...
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Can you get infected by viewing an image? [duplicate]

Lets say I have an infected image by some malware, I double-click it and that triggers the default program that handles images to open it for viewing. Will this also trigger the malware inside the ...
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Can simply decompressing a JPEG image trigger an exploit?

The novel Daemon is frequently praised for being realistic in its portrayal rather than just mashing buzzwords. However, this struck me as unrealistic: Gragg's e-mail contained a poisoned JPEG of ...
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If I know the CPU architecture of a target, can I send instructions embedded in an image?

Can I send instructions embedded in an image to a target, if I know his CPU architecture?
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Can cookies carry viruses?

I was wondering whether a cookie can carry a virus (or any security-threatening code). In some sense it is similar to a download. So by simply visiting a site, could I get harmed?
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What is the next step of this file upload attack?

Yesterday I discovered somebody had uploaded this PHP code to my server as a .jpg file via my MVC application's "Upload your profile picture" form. I believe the attack was unsuccessful for a ...
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How are viruses attached to files?

How do viruses attach to files? How does it infect applications? I'm talking about down to the binary level, how does code get added to a file to make it infected? Obviously, if we hash check the ...
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Arbitrary file upload, serve JPG as PHP

I'm trying out random older WordPress exploits on my local server, I'm currently in the process trying to get this one to work: It doesn't read any headers,...
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Is it possible to hide malicious code within/behind an image? [closed]

Is it possible to hide malicious code either within an image, or behind it as it is displayed on a webpage and then if the user saves this image, they actually are downloading the malicious code? ...
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Dangers of jpeg with attachment

If anyone has any suggestions for tags, feel free to add them, seeing as i'm not yet familiar with the ones used on this site. I was wondering what the dangers are of appending a file to an image. ...
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