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The simplest measures to run short code snippets securely on AWS Lambda

I would like to use AWS Lambda to run solutions to programming problems for an online courses website. So far, I use simple eval in my lambda function. However, many posts (e.g. this and this) suggest ...
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Should an AWS Lambda trust-policy be narrowly scoped?

Should trust policies for AWS Lambda be narrowly scoped, and how can this be implemented (e.g. using Terraform)? Using Terraform I ran into a cyclic dependency problem as follows: an AWS Lambda ...
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3 answers

How to make S3 Presigned url single use only?

Issue: I have a presigned url which is valid for 15 minutes. Upload can be initiated any number of times if the presigned url is captured in this time frame. I want to make an S3 presigned url for ...
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What is the use case of request signing in this mobile app?

The API of a mobile app I was testing is sending the AWS AccessKeyId and SecretKey used for request signing from the AWS Cognito server unencrypted (apart from the regular TLS encryption). Making it ...
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