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Is blocking Autonomous Systems numbers in the firewall a good practice?

In response to low-hanging fruit attacks (accounts creation, image sending etc.) which request rates goes below our rate-limiting rules and are not blocked, we started blocking AS numbers from ...
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Protecting against BGP hijacking

I'm living in a very evil country and don't trust my ISP or the government. Moreover the country has control of several root and probably more intermediate certificate authorities. What options do I ...
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Why governments use spywares instead of just redirecting traffic to their own servers by announcing a new path on BGP?

I was reading about The Hacking Team on Wikipedia. It produces "offensive intrusion and surveillance capabilities" and sells it to "to governments, law enforcement agencies". Its ...
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What is Multi-Perspective Validation?

The Let's Encrypt upcoming features page lists the following: Multi-Perspective Validation Currently Let’s Encrypt validates from a single network perspective. We are planning to start ...
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Why is GRE tunneling is needed when having a BGP based solution against DDoS?

I understand that GRE tunneling is very handy when sending the data back to the client after scrubbing because it's designed to ensure that the data is sent reliably by initiating a private point-to-...
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Is it possible that a Peer AS over BGP can sniff other AS traffic?

Is it possible that one AS can sniff another peer's traffic?
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What can I do to prevent BGP hijacking as an admin of some OVH's VPS?

I am an operator of some public service which is run on some OVH's VPS. Recently I was contacted by an anonymous contact, who suggested that the service was BGP-hijacked and some sensitive info of ...
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How does anycast ensure reliable delivery of IP packets for the same IP address on different locations?

With anycast, it would be possible to have the same IP address at multiple locations in the world, without the need of a proxy or VPN that forwards the packets to its final destination. If you would ...
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Hosting companies by AS Number [closed]

Is there any website out the like (Hurricane Electric) or that has a database with all VPS/Dedicated Server comapnies filtered by AS Number? I know that there are plenty of ...
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man in the middle attack over internet

I've performed some man in the middle attacks (arp poisoning) using ettercap, stuffs on kali linux and i know how exactly it is working. but i was wondering if this attack could be even performed ...
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Sophisticated DDOS attack

According to this article, ProtonMail was the victim of a very sophisticated DDOS attack. "At 2pm there was a dramatic escalation," said Yen. According to Yen and Gargula the attackers smacked 15 ...
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