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Bulk extractor is a forensics tool for extracting information such as emails, phone numbers or URLs from files.

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efficient subdomain extraction [duplicate]

I am wondering how we can effectively extract all subdomains of given website? For example, the free hosting websites, I would like to extract all subdomains and see if I can find some subdomains ...
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How to recover a file with volatility from a linux profile [closed]

I'm trying to recover files from a .mem file with volatility. The mem file is from a Linux machine. I have already loaded the profile and it works fine. I have discovered that the drupalgeddon2 ...
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Finding artifacts using bulk_extractor in different methods [closed]

I have specific number of artifact, and I want to search for those particular artifacts in the disk image using the bulk_extractor tool via different methods using Random Sampling, Stop List, Alert ...
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