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Cache-control and TLS termination proxies

My website is served with TLS and does not use a (TLS-terminating) CDN. Is it still advisable to use Cache-Control: private for protected pages to account for (e.g. corporate) TLS termination proxies ...
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2 answers

Weak password hash + strong rate limiter = secure?

I have a microservice which sole purpose is to serve as a cache for other microservices. The point of the cache is to speed up processing, but the strong password hash algo counter that purpose. (...
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Cache poisoning from rfc6455 (WebSockets) not requiring server message to be masked?

In RFC6455 section 10.3, it explains why they have made clients mask their outgoing frames (so that a malicious server cannot manipulate a client into sending something in plaintext, as the message ...
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Can ISP see data downloaded from Telegram? [closed]

When Telegram downloads files to internal storage cache, does the ISP see the data that was downloaded? Or can they not see that at all or due to encryption?
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Windows decrypting TC volume without passphrase?

I remember having read a blog post or a forum post, some years ago, about a TrueCrypt user whose Windows machine sometimes, at boot, did not ask for the TC passphrase and decrypted automatically the ...
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Can Caching cause my WAF logged events to drop?

I've been using Ninjafirewall on WordPress websites for a while. I recently installed a new caching plugin on my main website and I noticed the firewall log which usually has around 5000 blocked ...
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