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How to get medical vendors to take security seriously?

I work as a CISO/Director of Cybersecurity for a large hospital. My background is in penetration testing, but I'm fairly new (a couple years) to the healthcare side. The challenge that I and almost ...
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Healthcare company uses keyloggers for security purposes. Is this normal?

I just attended a recruitment session for a major healthcare provider in the United States. The presenter, a high-ranking member of one of their IT divisions (not security specifically) mentioned that ...
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UK healthcare encryption obligations

I'll soon be working on upgrading a system which contains a MYSQL server and redis server on AWS It works by querying two entire tables decrypting all of the contents and then putting the result in ...
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Can I send a Medical Record Number (MRN) via email internally? [closed]

We use Office 365, which might make a difference. Can I (legally) send an MRN, with no other demographic or health information, from [email protected] to [email protected]?
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1 answer

Shared floor space, cameras and HIPAA compliance

I am a compliance associate at my company, which is a small call center. My problem is that two of our clients will have to share floor space. One client is tech support for high-end action cameras, ...
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What issues exist in generating a signed, paper-based PGP message stored by a hostile organisation?

I have recently been the victim of having my medical record tampered with by the organisation holding it. Under state law I have a legal right to submit information to be included in my medical record,...
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Securing Macbooks in an Enterprise Environment [closed]

I have been looking online at different forums/websites but was not able to find a direct answer. Does a checklist/process or software exist to secure Macbook computers in a enterprise environment( ...
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Solution for Enterprise SW Eng. with Github and NPM [closed]

Can anyone share an architecture or framework that supports the use of Open Source software in enterprise software development environments? I'm seeking solutions to manage and mitigate the risk of ...
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2 answers

Anthem Leak - How do I find out if I'm affected? [closed]

Recently, Anthem (A health insurance company somehow associated with Blue Cross Blue Shield and potentially other insurance providers that I am unaware of) was the victim of a large data breach. I've ...
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4 answers

Protecting Health Care Database

I am doing a minor project on information security in which i am implementing techniques listed below to protect a HEALTH CARE database. Preventing SQL Injection (using prepared statements,validating,...
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36 votes
6 answers

What are the purposes of these security policies?

I work at an IBM lab and there are some security policies that I do not understand the point of. When I ask why we do them my boss simply says it's policy and avoids answering the question. We must ...
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5 answers

what would be a good way for a doctor to send xrays encrypted to another doctor?

As a dentist, I often want to send medical information including digital xrays to another doctor. What would be a good/easy way to do this encrypted? Our organization currently requires that all ...
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1 answer

Encrypt Medicare card numer in C# in ASP.NET

I am giving a free consultation for a non profit organisation that wants a simple system to manage multiple groups with a schedule component, etc. and also manage the medical informations of the kids. ...
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3 answers

Active measures against lost or stolen PDAs in healthcare?

Many physicians, nurses, and technical staff like to carry PDAs to be kept abreast of patient conditions. Various companies want caretakers to view ECGs on their iPads. Due to the incredibly private ...
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What is the risk of giving USB drives as promotional items by a healthcare provider

There have been a couple of instances where malware infected USB drives have been given away unknowingly as promotional items at conferences, e.g., IBM in 2010. Besides this, if a healthcare company ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Best practices for implementation of role-based access control in healthcare applications

Amongst the open source EMRs, which ones may be good to learn from? Any references I can go to as a starting point?
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10 answers

In Healthcare IT, is a "break glass" mode to bypass access controls commonly required?

I've seen referenced in literature the need to have a "break glass" mode in Healthcare IT applications. In this mode, the access controls in an application can be bypassed for an emergency when it is ...
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