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Is there any modern scalable way to do system call monitoring?

I wrote a kernel module to replace the Linux kernel service routines (e.g. system calls) with security-enforcing code, similar to SELinux or AppArmor, with the main exceptions of ruleset control on-...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is dirtycow unharmful without shell access?

Let's say have a linux server to which only I have shell access and all other users shells are disabled. Is there any reason to be preoccupied?
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3 answers

Is Linux kernel supported by Linux Mint 17 LTS vulnerable?

During a local security check performed by nessus on a Linux Mint Qiana 17 LTS system, even if the host is perfectly updated, I have found 34 vulnerabilities about the kernel. For example: USN-2946-1 ...
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What is the difference between Trusted boot and Kernel Patch Protection (PatchGuard)

I have understood that Trusted boot and Kernel Patch Protection (or PatchGuard) are ways that Windows uses to protect itself from rootkit infections. But I cannot find a comparison of these two ...
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