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Security implications of rooting a SmartTV (LG)

This webpage will exploit your LG webOS smart TV, gain local root privileges, and install the webOS Homebrew Channel. I really hate the constant ad breaks on YouTube and have rooted my LG ...
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Is it possible to get infected when using a smartTV between two computers?

Been given a smart tv that used to be used as display connected to a pc with a HDMI cable, now I'm using it as a display as well, over HDMI too. I was thinking maybe when connected to a network or ...
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Should I only let my TV connect to the guest WiFi?

According to this Kaspersky blog post, it is a security risk to connect IoT devices, such as Smart TVs, to my home WiFi. It claims I should use my guest WiFi network for this. Is this true? Is it a ...
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Didn't log out of YouTube - Is this a problem?

Recently, when staying in a rented apartment, I signed in to the YouTube app on the smart TV by entering a code using chrome on my tablet to pair them. I was planning to log out before I vacated the ...
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I have found ports on my Samsung smart tv running a display service. What can I do with it? [closed]

I have a Samsung Smart TV running Tizen OS, and out of curiosity I scanned it with Nmap. I found multiple open ports. One of those ports is running a "display" service. Does this mean it can cast its ...
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How To Secure a Computer Stick that Runs a TV

I purchased an Intel compute stick to turn a TV into a display. I have it set up so that I can VNC into the computer to change what shows up (Open windows, show movies, etc...). It works great in ...
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Why can I cast to my neighbour's TV on my Wi-Fi?

I've recently noticed that a new device shows up as available to cast to from my android phone when I'm logged on to our home Wi-Fi. It's an LG Sk8100 TV, but as we own no such TV. I'm assuming it's ...
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Could an Smart TV be a threat for a hotel?

After some research I found that a Smart TV which is connected on the Internet could be vulnerable to threats such as monitoring, taking control of the tv etc. I wonder if a Smart TV which is used by ...
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Name of authentication where TV shows you code to enter on website?

I can't find any good resources about how this kind of authentication scheme works where you open an app on your TV (Plex, Youtube,...) and they show you a code (optional there's also a QR code) and ...
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How to find all the microphones in a room?

"Smart" devices are all around us nowadays and many of them have built-in mics which can be be misused to spy on you in cases when the device is hacked (which is rather probable to happen as there are ...
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How exactly can an infected Samsung TV record private conversations in a room?

We can read on Wikipedia page (about Weeping Angel) that Samsung smart televisions can be hacked by hackers which allows them to record conversations in the room and send it over the internet even if ...
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Block outgoing network traffic from "Smart" TV

The FTC has just settled a case with Vizio, saying that the company has been quietly capturing pixels from their smart TVs, matching those pixels to databases of content, and selling that information (...
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How to stop Smart TV being Telescreen?

I am looking to buy a new TV, but all of them these days are Smart TVs with creepy Orwellian features. Namely the microphone and webcam, which pretty much makes a Telescreen, as manufacturers admit ...
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What security features should a smart TV have?

With the proliferation of smart TVs, we can now browse the web, download movies and stream videos on a TV. A smart TV is essentially a computer. However, unlike a computer, a smart TV comes with an OS ...
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