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Is it safe to use the iOS Account Manager for Google Accounts?

I am only using Google for contacts on my iPhone. For the rest of the Google services, I am using the dedicated Google apps. I know that the connnection from Google apps to Google servers is secure ...
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Is iCloud data protection only secured by device passcodes in the event of an Apple server side breach?

I'm trying to understand the security model of iCloud data protection, including the new advanced data protection which expands it to almost all iCloud data. When restoring on a new device, given that ...
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Is iCloud Private Relay leaking my DNS queries to my ISP?

So I noticed recently that despite iOS settings saying all DNS queries go through iCloud Private Relay's DNS servers, despite Private Relay using Oblivious DNS over HTTPS, and even despite dnsleaktest....
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Someone created a Disney+ account with my e-mail address. Are there any security concerns?

I got an Email (to my iCloud address) from Disney+. The email contained a subscriber agreement. I did not register for their service myself. On the Disney+ website I saw that there was indeed an ...
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Do passkeys on iCloud Keychain ever exist unencrypted outside the secure enclave?

Regarding Apple's beta feature of storing WebAuthn passkeys in the iCloud Keychain, does anybody know if the unencrypted passkeys ever leave the secure enclave, and get stored in RAM or anything? With ...
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iCloud Private Relay MITM Defense?

When it comes to defending against MITM attacks while using public Wifi, is the security offered by iCloud Private Relay comparable to using a VPN? Edit: My motivation for asking the question comes ...
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Is it bad practice to store passwords in iCloud notes?

I was wondering something about a day ago when I remembered that Apple stores notes in a database (so you can recover them or view them on - What if Apple stores your notes in plaintext? I'...
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How is .NET Core isolated storage "secured" on various OS's?

I'm looking for a consolidated list of how and where isolated storage is managed on each operating system... (Windows, MacOS, Linux, (mobile?), ...) Does such a list exist? What considerations might ...
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Are last access time and location of connected devices recorded in iCloud?

During a Forensic investigation, I parsed the sysdiagnose log file /brctl/Brctl-dump.txt and I discovered 50 devices connected to the same iCloud account. Is it possible to retrieve from Apple the ...
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Does Apple leak iCloud usernames?

I've just set up my first iPad, and first Apple device. To be extra cautious when setting it up, I created a brand new username, to use as the Apple ID. The username was 10 characters long,...
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