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Qubes OS is an operating system based on the Xen virtualization technology, which provides security through isolation between different user environments. User environments can run various operating systems including Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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How to encrypt and hide a GNU/Linux operating system and create a decoy system?

My goal is to be protected against key disclosure laws and possible extortion. I know dm-crypt can be used to perform full disk encryption for GNU/Linux distros. However, it is not enough. I want to ...
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Would Qubes still be secure on an untrusted machine?

If you can't trust your own computer, would installing Qubes on it do any good? Or is it already too late if your machine might be infected?
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Qubes and DOM0 being Fedora 25?

Is it safe to run an unmaintained version of Fedora in dom0? Fedora 25 went EOL on December 12th, 2017. Qubes is currently based on Fedora 25. From the Qubes FAQ, Dom0 is isolated from domUs. DomUs ...
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Metasploit always asks me to create MSF web service account

I run QubesOS on my laptop and created a StandaloneVM based on debian-10 template. I installed metasploit and created a database for the MSF web service and I was given a token for the API. I rebooted ...
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Alternative to Qubes OS network domain for a server

I know that Qubes Os is not suitable for a server use, but some of its features are quite interesting for that. In fact, all the network drivers are contained in a VM that run a different Linux based ...
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Qubes OS or TENS for security? Is Qubes a good idea for a total beginner? [closed]

What would be the most appropriate to use for as much security as possible? TENS looks very simple and straightforward, which is why I like it. However I have barely seen anyone suggesting it, I ...
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Does full disk encryption offer mitigation in the case of the firmware of an SSD being compromised?

Suppose the firmware of an SSD or HDD has been compromised by rogue actors either through "interdiction" (interception) or via the internet. They are able to exfiltrate data and conduct surveillance ...
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Should I wait until Spectre and Meltdown is fixed in hardware? [duplicate]

I have a Laptop that needs replacing due to age. I will be using this laptop for desktop use, including Office Apps, Development, Running VMs & Web Browsing. I will be using separation using ...
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Security through virtualization: does Ryzen support Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI), aka Second Level Address Translation (SLAT)? [closed]

RVI is required by Windows Hyper-V... RVI will be required by QubeOS 4... Lots of info about the new RYZEN CPU Series but as far as I know, no news about RVI support ? So, any source to point at ...
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Networking in Qubes OS [closed]

I've started recently to use Qubes OS and I want to set up a virtual IDS and IPS in separate VMs, but I can't figure out how the communications between different VMs works here. Each VM should be ...
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Is Qubes OS more secure than running a set of activity related VMs?

I'd like to skip the argument about Linux being more secure than Windows, and purely focus on the security boundaries between Host OS and VMs. Is Qubes OS theoretically more secure than say - Windows ...
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