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A rogue AP is an unauthorized wireless access point placed on a network to allow access to the network it is attached to.

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Suspected Audio/Wireless/Bluetooth Hijacking - Need Expert Insight [closed]

I have reason to believe that there may be ongoing audio/wireless/Bluetooth hijacking occurring in my network environment. The issue appears to involve unauthorized access to Bluetooth and wireless ...
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Can an attacker perform MiTM attacks on non-web based clients such as Microsoft Outlook using a Rogue Access Point?

I understand an attacker could perform MiTM on Rogue Access Points and capture cleartext traffic between a web client and server. However, is it possible that an attacker could do similar MiTM attacks ...
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Is it foolish to trust a Wi-Fi network just because it uses a specific recognized SSID?

This article in the Avira (part of NortonLifeLock) security blog discusses (vaguely) security risks of public Wi-Fi. The article states: Man in the middle attacks are also a very prominent threat, ...
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How and what can attackers use Rogue AP attacks for? [closed]

I have some questions about rogue access points. How attackers can get victim's creds over secured HTTPS websites? Can attackers do this kind of attack only by using basic tools + sharing the AP ...
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Man in the middle after evil twin

I've set up an Evil twin access point using the aircrack suite, what i'm missing is how to complete the man in the middle access point side like the picture shown below, I've been suggested ettercap ...
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Capturing cleartext authentication (EAP-TTLS/PAP) with WPA-2 Enterprise?

I am running an evil twin attack with eaphammer, by default it seems to capture mschapv2 authentication which contains the username and NETNTLM hashes. I have manually created a WiFi connection (on ...
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WPA2 Enterprise: no risks for preconfigured clients when it comes to Rogue APs?

We are using, as default, PEAP and MS-CHAPv2 as inner authentication. I was concerned with security risks when it comes to rogue APs but a colleague told me that there are no risks for preconfigured ...
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evil twin like attack [duplicate]

Is it possible to make a fake AP with the same SSID that has a password and when clients try to access it and type a password, the software verifies it with a handshake?
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Can you detect a wifi pineapple or rogue AP with MAC address?

This posting has some good advice for tracking rogue access points: Tracking down a rogue access point The issue I have is that many will not work for a huge deployment. I'd like to build a device ...
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Rude neighbor with PineAP or something similar

For the past week or so I've been having problems with wifi in my house, and it appears that my neighbor set up a Pineapple or something similar that is running a known beacon attack and/or Karma/...
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Can not create an "evil twin access point" with the same SSID as the original

I am practising pen-testing for a while now and I have a kali Linux 2017.2 physical machine. I tried to create an evil twin access point using tools like fluxion, wifiphisher and wifi-pumpkin. Note ...
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Find rogue access point if area is saturated with networks

What do you do if you scan for rogue Access Points and find that the area is saturated by surrounding businesses with their own wifi? I recently scanned for wifi networks and found 60+ networks just ...
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How does WPA2-PSK prevent evil twin password phishing?

Let's say we have a WPA2-PSK secured AP and there are several clients like smartphones and notebooks that automatically connect to it. Now if someone was to create another AP that looked completely ...
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