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Displaying on screen without being recordable by another app

A couple years ago I rented a movie on iTunes and began watching it in the Windows 10 x64 desktop app. At one point, I opened OBS in capture screen mode. To my amazement, the iTunes window showed only ...
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Standard for "secure workstations" resisting screen grabs

In his talk "Keynote address: securing the individual" at authenticate2020 (around 23:44), Whit Diffie asks "ever wonder why an app can come on and grab your whole screen? There's a ...
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Can a remote user (logged into my computer via LogMeIn) capture my password as I log into a website?

I work for a large company with IT support that uses LogMeIn to take control of our PCs when troubleshooting. Today while being assisted I was asked to log into an internal website during a LogMeIn ...
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Can a website track keystrokes like OS or browser related keybind pressing?

There are several ways to track how a user interacts with a website, including mouse position and clicks. Does the same apply to taking screenshots though? Can a website track browser or system ...
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How can a non-admin program cover your entire screen with a window?

This year, since many students are online, College Board (the company that administers AP Exams in the US, along with the SAT) recently released its Digital Testing App. Once installed, and going ...
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Possible screen share in the background by Bitdefender [closed]

Recently I was chatting with Bitdefender support through their support center and one weird thing I noticed was that the support person would be answering my questions right after I sent them without ...
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Is there a type of login security that is keylog and screen capture proof that doesnt require a 2nd device?

I am looking for a login security measure where it is keylog and screen capture proof. Is there some type of login security like a 2FA without the need of a second device, but remembering a pattern or ...
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Can I be screen-recorded without my knowledge? Is it possible?

If an enemy company's hacker has Remote access to my computer (RAT), can they spy on me and screen record my activities for proof without me knowing it? Can they screen record all my internet ...
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Does antivirus software detect screen grabbing functionality in a running program?

Let's say a malicious actor publishes a piece of software that calls a screenshot function (e.g. Graphics.CopyFromScreen() or the UIAutomation Framework in .NET) every so often, but doesn't notify ...
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Credential theft by browser conferencing software?

While using the webex conference software, I noticed that simply pressing a "share content" button allows me to share my full screen. There was no security confirmation from my webbrowser (chrome): I ...
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How to protect my ubuntu linux computer from screen capture programs or keystroke loggers?

I have a Ubuntu home PC. I often use this system to enter passwords to various websites. Some sites also offer a graphical on screen keyboard to protect from keyloggers. However, I suspect that even ...
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Can an administrator see screen time when I use my computer? [closed]

I'm not sure if an administrator can see my screen while I use my computer, can someone provide an answer with an explanation of how they can do it? I have an administrator on my computer, but not ...
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Is malware or screen capture possible with iMac as external display?

If using a foreign iMac as an external display (through the Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt, or Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable, and Command+F2 on the iMac, as per iMac Target Display Mode FAQ), ...
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