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How to set/modify "positive trust attributes" in a certificate for openssl

In my question I stated that "there is no information about how to set" trust attributes. This is not correct as man openssl-x509 describes how to set these attributes: -addtrust arg ...
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Can OpenSSL vulnerabilities be mitigated by Load Balancer service from Cloud Providers

Specifically, AWS Application Load Balancer does run at the level of Layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS). Application Load Balancer operates at the request level (layer 7), routing traffic to targets (EC2 instances,...
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Can OpenSSL vulnerabilities be mitigated by Load Balancer service from Cloud Providers

If the load balancer terminates TLS (like in Layer 7 load balancing) then this will mitigate these bugs in your application since there will be (depending on the configuration) no TLS spoken between ...
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Simple open-source file encryption tool

8 years later, the answer seems to be: Use argon2id or scrypt with high parameters and some salt to transform 12-word BIP39 mnemonic or 12+ character password into 32-byte key. Use xchacha20poly1305 ...
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self signed certificate

What you are actually trying to do is not use a “self signed certificate” but do Public Key Infrastructure, or in other words, become your own Certificate Authority. Since it’s only about your ow. ...
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self signed certificate

I read a lot of articles about self signed certificates Read some more. If you want to go down the road of using your own certificates, then you should setup your own certificate authority. Although ...
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self signed certificate

If you have a company VPN, it's very likely that you will have a company CA. If this is true, you can create a Certificate Request, send to the team/group/person managing the company CA and have the ...
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What is default_crl_days in OpenSSL and recommended days?

Yes this is the number of days your CRL is valid. one can create a new CRL before the old one expires, so that they overlap for a short time period, e.g., one day before the current CRL expires. But ...
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