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What software commonly generates RSA keys with public exponent 0x23 (35)?

The OpenSSH rsa_generate_private_key() function that was changed in 5.4 to use the more common 65537 was introduced in key.c by this commit back in 2000, and already have the public exponent at 35. ...
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Generating deterministic X.509 certificates?

I did some investigation and found some interesting notes I thought worth sharing, but not a definitive answer. I generated several certificates and compared them. I was using this line: Windows: ...
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What is the right way to transfer public-private keypairs over intranet?

As a general rule, you don't. Private keys aren't supposed to leave the device where they're generated. If RSA keys are too expensive to compute, you might be able to make it work with elliptic curve /...
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