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Tell browser my site has no scripts

A good option is to harden your Content Security Policy. It allows you to fine-tune which resources the browser will load/run, and is supported by most browsers. Consider the following header: ...
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How would a resourceful government block Tor?

Tor is used to circumvent censorship! No, not directly. Tor is about anonymity, not about availability. Tor alone does not help its users access blocked content. Tor helps by making it hard to link ...
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How would a resourceful government block Tor?

In order to block Tor, all that has to be done is have the current list of Tor nodes which can be found at the following link: and ...
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How to detect if employees are using Tor?

You can use a list of Tor (uplink) nodes, add this to the outgoing firewall, setup a task to update this once a day and you'll be good. But Tor can also be used over a HTTP(S) proxy, so you will have ...
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Can anti-virus/virus protection be used to spy on you?

Any software you install on your system can compromise the system and thus affect security and privacy. This can be done either willingly or because of bugs in the software. And this is doubly true ...
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How to detect if employees are using Tor?

I believe your major concern should be that: using anonymous proxy in the network Is a bad assumption. I would straight away ask: In which network? Yorick already touched this point but I'll be ...
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Why hasn't anyone taken over Tor yet?

They might do it already, there is a known technique to dedicate malicious and powerful nodes to the network to be able to take control of some of the traffic. Tor does not advertise itself to be able ...
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How can you be tracked using screen resolution/monitor size in Tor?

Perhaps it's worth mentioning that the impact of resizing your browser on your privacy heavily depends on what window size you set. Maximizing Tor browser on a screen with a standard resolution like ...
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How did the FBI compromise Tor users?

The article you link says that the FBI obtained "the MAC address" for the user computers. MAC addresses are specific to each ethernet hardware, and they don't travel beyond the first hop -- meaning ...
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How would a resourceful government block Tor?

Tor will be actually quite hard to block because of tor bridges: Bridge relays (or "bridges" for short) are Tor relays that aren't listed in the main Tor directory. Since there is no complete ...
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Why is Home --> VPN --> Tor worse than Home --> Tor?

Preface: I consider this question to be a false dichotomy and an inversion of the burden of proof. One of the core tenets of building secure systems is that you minimise the attack surface, and resist ...
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How did the FBI compromise Tor users?

The article you posted states how they did it. But the author doesn't seem to be knowledgeable on the subject and it got lost in the article. They didn't crack Tor and more so found a way to collect ...
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Is it safe to access HTTP sites from Tor?

No, it is not safe. But the reasoning your read is wrong. When you use Tor, the connection between you and the Tor network is encrypted, so your ISP can not eavesdrop. But when you access a normal ...
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What is this potential identity leak that NoScript warns about?

So after some digging into NoScript's settings, I found some settings for something called "Cross-tab identity leak protection". Googling this led to a tor project issue Targeted ...
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Is Tor over VPN a security risk?

TOR connection to a VPN OK, VPN connection to TOR go to jail. This assessment, in general, is not accurate. Though it's true that there's always something that can go wrong with any security system. ...
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Stop large requests to my server (TOR)

You could drop packets from tor nodes all together if you like with ip tables. List of tor nodes can be found at: Ref 1: Ref 2: https://www....
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Does Tor help us to prevent ISP tracking?

You cannot hide how much data you are sending and when you are online. But, Tor encrypts data and sends it through proxies before it reaches the target server, so that hides the contents of the ...
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Can someone use WiFi snooping to see data I send through Tor Browser when I'm not using SSL?

When you use Tor, all data is encrypted between your computer and the exit node. As long as the exit node isn't on the same network that you are on (very, very unlikely to occur), the data will be ...
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Why is the data from a Tor exit node not encrypted?

Encryption of traffic exiting Tor and going to the destination server is based on whether the destination server supports encryption, and whether the destination server was addressed on an encrypted ...
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How can you be tracked using screen resolution/monitor size in Tor?

Client-side code (JavaScript) on a web site you visit has access to screen resolution and other settings. Often the combination of these settings are unique enough to match your current session (...
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Is it safe to access HTTP sites from Tor?

It depends. Specifically, it depends on the type of data you are accessing and your threat model. What protection does HTTPS provide with Tor? Here is a breakdown of some potential adversaries at ...
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How to detect if employees are using Tor?

The only way you can be relatively sure Tor is not in use on the network is to inspect every device on the network and ensure that Tor is not installed or running on any of them. This could require so ...
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Is it dangerous to use Tor?

It is difficult to say what nationstate intelligence agencies will do with people who use tor, since they don't generally reveal their procedures. However, there are approximately 2 million connected ...
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How well Tor protects against fingerprinting?

When you do not change anything, the Tor browser is already configured in a way that the fingerprint is identical to every other Tor browser (and is close to the most common fingerprint on the web). I ...
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Is using VPN, Tor and ProxyChains together more secure?

In theory yes, In practice maybe not but also yes at the same time. If you were to use VPN and a Tor network you remove one of the security layers in the Tor network. tor uses relays and your path ...
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Public WiFi and Tor?

Do you think that there's something wrong with this idea? Yes, quite a few points. Passing everything through TOR has the following consequences: Much slower traffic, which on a public WiFi spot is ...
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Why did the government made Project TOR public?

There are certainly a lot of reasons which we could speculate about, but one is fact and inherent in the way Tor works to provide anonymity to its users: If the "government" (or rather, the united ...
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What is Tor and is there anything I can do to stop it?

Using tor has not opened you up to "hackers, spying and very bad stuff," so be aware that is irrelevant. If that is what you are worried about then you need to do nothing. Tor is a way to preserve ...
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Anonymity Stack: Home connection -> VPN -> Whonix(Tor) -> Socks5. Few questions on anonymity

First, some comments I'll be frank here. A lot of your setup is poorly thought out or outright dangerous. For example, using a proxy after Tor (it's not TOR) can greatly decrease anonymity as you now ...
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