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SIM card used with smart card user certificate

SIM cards are smartcards, but that doesn't mean that they can be used for any and all PKI purposes. Smartcards have applets and/or the integrated circuit (IC) is designed for a particular purpose. ...
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Do viruses survive in other drive and than re infect after resetting the PC?

So, should I completely believe that my computer is completely clean and there is no hidden virus or trojan remaining or any other setting or its components because my files do get survived the reset ...
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How to decrypt LockBit encrypted files

What you have is not the decryptor, but a builder. It will not be used to decrypt the files already encrypted, because it don't look like there's a master key or private key on it. If you look at the ...
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How to extract a .bat file with volatility

The dump of the main memory (RAM) would only contain details about files that are in RAM, like those that are currently running. An NTFS system uses MFT to manage secondary storage, which is likely ...
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How can I sandbox a Wine application on Linux?

sandwine is rather young (as of March 2023) and I don't have Excel or Word at hand to test the with sandwine, but it is a Wine sandbox with multiple options for X11 builtin and it may work for you. ...

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