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Is CVE-2024-20666 Bitlocker vulnerability mitigated by disabling Windows RE or removing the recovery parition?

KB5034441: Windows Recovery Environment update for Windows 10, version 21H2 and 22H2: January 9, 2024 states If your running PC does not have a WinRE recovery partition, you do not need this update. ...
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Can NTLM pass-through authentication be done without NetLogon?

NTLM authentication has two methods: secure NetLogon channel and LanManager signing & sealing. The latter uses unencrypted relayed communications between clients, servers, and DCs, making it ...
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Security risks in using ‘no’ to bypass Microsoft account login when installing Windows 11

As far as I have looked into it (scanning the registry and various files after setup) it does not appear to store the initial locked email address and simply has the local users creds stored however ...
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Inject hash into sam file. Is possible?

I had a similar problem on Windows 10. I was upgrading my desktop to a 1050 ti and forgot the admin password to download new drivers. What I did: Take out the SSD or the drive that stores Windows Use ...
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SACL for shadow copies

It turns out, to see the interaction with SAM and SECURITY registry hives, even in a shadow copy, you just need to enable SAM auditing in Group Policy.
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How to extract a .bat file with volatility

You may have luck in altering the way in which you perform your filter looking for the specific file. The pathing may simply not match the full directory you're utilizing within grep, so start by ...
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Bitlocker without PIN

No, BitLocker without a PIN is not safe. In the following video it is presented how the key is stolen due to the unencrypted bus traffic between TPM and components. This is the recent "Raspberry ...
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Is the Bitlocker encryption key used on HD same for USB?

No, that would be ridiculously insecure. Besides, removable storage needs to be decryptable on multiple computers, each of which might (or might not) have fixed drives encrypted with Bitlocker as well;...
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