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Virus and worm both are malicious software. Virus need a host program to propagate, virus is a depended program. worm doesn't need any host program to propagate, worm is a independent program. virus and worm both are replicating software, when executed, may produce one or more copies of itself to be activated later on the same system or some other system.


Well the problem with this approach is that the injection happens using the WinAPI which is also used by native windows applications. A very common chain that has been out there in the wild for a while now is the following one: OpenProcess -> VirtualAllocEx -> WriteProcessMemory -> CreateRemoteThread and variants. If you notice all of the above ...


This is a common problem and different dev teams solve this is a variety of ways. The best practice is to mitigate the risks appropriately. That sounds like a way of avoiding the question, but in cases like these, it's the only real way to approach the problem. What's "appropriate"? The threats are: Devs use their machines to create and release ...

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